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Local Live Sound Production



Don't Throw Those Old Speakers Away Restore Them!!

Speaker Reconing -Speaker Repair

Speaker Re-Edging Speaker Foam

Speaker Grilles Recovered Made to Order

Large Format Bass Cabinets - DJ - PA

Double 18

18" Tapped Horn

Bass Horn Builds

18" Hog Scoop

18" Modified Scoop

18" Short Scoop

21" Folded Horn

18" Mega Scoop

21" Tapped Horn

All PA & DJ cabinets built with 18mm Baltic Birch plywood

Club & Venue Systems


Live Sound Photo Gallery

Project Shop

Speaker Grill Repair & Fabrication

Cabinet Repairs

Monitors & Satellites


Speaker Upgrades

All Cabinets & Systems Designed & Assembled by


except as noted


SET ready 95dB efficient



Monitors & Satellites

Trapscan Slope fronted trapezoidal cabinet with 7" woofer

FocalTrap features 6.5" Kevlar woofer & Natural Walnut Veneer with inlay

Semidia 7 Round fronted cabinet with 7" woofer finished in natural Anagrae

Quoram A/V Floor model finished in Red Oak

Savant 5HDC A regal new design: an MTM with two 5" carbon fiber mids and Revelator tweeter, a Scan-Speak 21W8555 superbly responsive 8" woofer, finished in bird's eye maple or your choice of finishes. WBT hardware, hidden inter cabinet connections, Hovland Multi-Caps in series with the Revelator, foil inductors, Nordost flatwire.


Aurellium Hi fidelity 3-way dipole system with massive cabinet structure & fully rounded top cabinet


20Hz Double 10

6ft Tube


Powered 12" 3.5 cube finished in Walnut and inlay with 150 watt amp


Speaker Design & Measurements Using DATS, PRAXIS

Sound Projects Inc. supplies custom audio equipment and systems, specializing in loudspeaker design, fabrication, repair and upgrades.

A line of sound-reinforcement bass and high-frequency cabinets, and subwoofers complement the home stereo speaker products.

Site installation and evaluation are also offered.

With over 26 years of experience, Sound Projects has delighted clients in the Baltimore area since 1992.


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