RS 2002 Upgrade

One of the main reasons for upgrading is to improve the sound quality. Factory original responses like the one below differentiate between the mid-fi world and hi-fi. The famous maker RS2002 below left the factory with an incredibly top heavy top end.

The yellow trace is the one-meter-on-axis response. Off axis would be softer, but even so, this tweeter is much too bright.and destined to bring on ear fatigue. There is enough high frequency information in today's commercial CD's to obviate the need for this much top end response.

The bass is the brown trace, shown as one-note-bass, peaking at 80hz. This response is due mainly to the imperfect match between the bass-mid driver and the small box size.

So here is the much improved response version in the same box with the same tweeter and a higher quality bass-mid. The slight top end peakiness was due to horn loading action of the recessed dome in the tweeter flange and front baffle diffraction. This can now be used for mixing console.

PBM65 Response

The Tannoy PBM65 was designed for pro or semi-pro small studio mixing. Response plot below: