Speaker Upgrade Prices


Settling on a price is always a compromise but open stress-free listening is an absolute requirement

Price ranges to replace the following components per cabinet


Tweeter Upgrades $22.00-$105.00/ea

Silk, Textile, Poly, Aluminum, & Titanium domes. All European manufacturers.

Midrange/Mid-bass $18.50-$90.00/ea Dome or cone types are chosen for frequency range and level midrange response. Toughest driver to pick. Primarily European.

Vifa Audax ScanSpeak Peerless Morel Eminence & Others


Woofer Upgrades $60.00-$175.00/ea

Chosen for optimum power handling & bass performance in the sealed or vented box. Many domestic manufactures. Power handling 50-300 watts.





Satellite 12dB 2-way


Full-range 12dB 3-way


Subwoofer 12dB


Crossover upgrades are designed according to frequency response and phase measurements.

Getting speakers to sum properly over the audible range is the primary challenge because of each driver's inherent mechanical/electrical behavior. Off the shelf crossovers in consumer audio are rarely correct. They're not designed for specific drivers or systems of drivers used together.

Components: OFC wire, low-ohm perfect-lay air-core inductors, polyester or mylar capacitors and non-inductive resistors.

Price depends on the inductor values. The lower the bass-mid crosspoint, the larger and more expensive the inductors have to be.


Cabinet Upgrades & Tweaks

New cab front & grill


Box Tweaking: panel stiffening, padding, wiring & 5-way terminal

$20.00-$45.00 (depends on box size)

4" Vent installation


200 watt Subwoofer amp


Which upgrade yields the greatest improvement?

  • Generally, box tweaking and crossover upgrades are the most cost effective & noticeable performance improvement,
  • However, better drivers deliver better sound.

The Sound Projects design philosophy

values stress-free and ear-fatigue free listening.

A sound that's good withstands the tests of time.