Why upgrade?

The box is half the cost of a new system. You already have that. The cost of upgrading the electronic components is going to be much cheaper than buying a whole new system. We use replacement parts of superior quality. The tweeters we use are always better. Our crossover components are always better. That way you can afford a very good system designed for your needs without paying exhorbitant sums of money.
You initially spent a lot of time picking out the right system. You bought them for a reason. Upgrading is a way to keep it in excellent working order.
On the other hand if the box has deteriorated but the electronics are good, (say the box was caught in the basement flood,) then we'll migrate the parts and build a new box to match or exceed the old one and you won't have to go buy a new system. Our cabs will be better made than the original, of course.
This means more attention to detail and better assembly resulting in more solid performance. Do you want a hand-made piece of furniture or something mass-produced in a factory ? It's a matter of quality and reliability. Mass produced speakers are made according to marketing studies. Production means cutting corners on components in order to be competitive in the marketplace. At Sound Projects we can administer the extra little tweaks to improve response which can't be economically done in factories. Additionally, we know which improvements will net the most performance gain. Factories cannot operate in that fashion. Here the key word is customized service to our customers. We assemble and test everything ourselves. We provide test data on request for everything we do.
Do you want oak veneer, cherry veneer, a bright top end response, more midrange, less bass? What ever. You decide on how you want your system to look and sound rather than settling for what's available on the shelf. Rather than shopping, design it yourself.
Gain access to knowledgeable, professional speaker expertise: someone who knows the components and the numbers, not just some salesperson who's read lots of articles and knows all the right buzzwords.